Conformity marks for electrical
and electronic products

We bring your company to make electrical and electronic products compliant with safety and energy requirements.

With our networks, made up of testing laboratories, certification bodies, inspectors and sector experts we can assist your technicians in obtaining the trademarks and the licenses required for the phases of custom clearance and introduction of the product into international markets.

CB Scheme

The CB scheme is an international agreement between certification bodies and testing laboratories supervised by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for mutual test recognition in the electrical field.

Using the CB scheme, based on mutual recognition, it is possible to obtain certification at a local level on the basis of test reports issued in other countries.

Therefore, as QSA operates on the basis of this scheme, a product created in Italy, then tested in Poland, can obtain the EAC trademark from the Russian Federation, without further testing and in a short time scale.

Competence fields

Electrical leads

Household Appliances


Medical devices

Industry and Energy

High Tech

Technical services and certification activities for electric and electronic market:

Russian Federation,
EAC Mark - TR CU 004/2011 Safety for low-voltage products
EAC Mark - TR CU 020/2011 Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
EAC Mark - TR CU 012/2011 Equipment and protective systems for potentially explosive atmosphere
Certification Gost TR RF Fire Safety - N°123-Ф3(123-FZ) of 22.07.2008

UKR SEPRO Certification for low-voltage products and EMC
Certification for the Health and Safety of materials

Technical support and laboratory testing for the CE Mark

The activities in Europe are in partnership with IMQ S.p.A.

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