Services and certification
for the Industrial Sector

The export of an industrial plant is a complex task, which must be managed in a structured manner at every stage to be concluded successfully, from the definition of the contract up to the installation.

Our team of experts, engineers and inspectors can help you to obtain the licenses for the installation of a structure and its exportation.

Our services in the industrial field are focused on two objectives:

  • Compliance with contractual and local statutory and regulatory requirements,

  • Reduction of market entrance time scale.

Our Fields of Expertise

Explosion Proof


Oil and Gas

Pressure equipments

Certifications and services for industrial and manufacturing

Russian Federation,
EAC Mark - TR CU 004/2011 Low voltage equipment
EAC Mark - TR CU 010/2011 Machines and equipment
EAC Mark - TR CU 011/2011 Safety of lifts
EAC Mark - TR CU 012/2011 Safety of equipment intended for use in Explosive Atmospheres
EAC Mark - TR CU 020/2011 Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
EAC Mark - TR CU 032/2013 Pressure equipment
Certification Gost TR RF Fire Safety - N°123-Ф3(123-FZ) of 22.07.2008
Pattern Approval Certification for Measuring Equipment
Custom Union Hygienic Registration
Technical Passport
Product / Plant Safety Conclusion
RTN declaration
VNIIS Custom Declaration

UKR SEPRO certification on safety low-voltage and EMC standards
UKR SEPRO certification on Machines and equipment safety
UKR Hygienic Conclusion on products materials

Technical support for CE Mark
Testing on machinery safety for CE mark