Sport is part of every man and woman’s heritage,
and its absence can never be compensated for.

Pierre de Coubertin

QSA certification, the first and foremost among certification bodies, has developed with the contribution of the main International Sports Federation Schemes of product certification and personnel in the sports world.

Sporting activities involving amateurs, professionals and Special Olympics in a multidimensional context where Equipment, Professionalism, Organization, Volunteer Officers and Food and Drugs must meet specific and mandatory requirements, QSA’s task is to ensure compliance.

Sport Professionals

The certification scheme for personnel, open to all interested parties, creates profiles on the basis of international standards and Competition Regulations, the experiences and qualifications acquired in the sporting field, then making them accessible to all operators in the sport world.

Sport Equipment and Products

Equipment and materials are an essential part of the Competition Regulations and can affect compliance to regulations and quality, sport performance, a podium position and the official confirmation of a record.
It is also true that not all athletes in daily workouts or during Olympic Quality training, need hyper-technical materials which are often source of injury or stress and not always suitable for particular.

The Sport Equipment certification scheme identifies three different functional compliances: Certified, Rule Compliant and Sport Suitable. While the official approval remains the responsibility of the Federal Technical Committee.

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