High level support
for achieving excellence

We support our small scale and world-wide customers with high-level technical service, in the preparation of achieving their goals of excellence.

We have been operating for over twenty years in the field of compliance, processes reengineering, information security and information technology.


We operate in the field of quality and corporate management, with public and private organizations of all dimensions, guiding them towards regulatory compliance or in the reorganization of internal processes in order to achieve efficiency and cost reduction, or to obtain system and product certification.

Any consultancy activities are inspired by the corporate reality, from its development model and the characteristics of the sector in which it operates, the proposed models are not "pre-packaged" but created on the basis of the real needs of the customer.

Once the objectives are established the project is planned in terms of organizational models to pursue, techniques and methodologies to be introduced, experts and consultants to be included in the various phases of the project, the standard of entries to be used and any new technology to be introduced.


Companies and Public Administrations nowadays are more attentive towards environmental issues, partly due to the complexity of the regulatory framework, but mostly because of the awareness that a growth model has to take into consideration the Environmental, Workers Health and Social Aspects.

The benefits that organizations can acquire through the application of environmentally sustainable behavior are numerous: lower costs, improved self-image, increased internal satisfaction, staff involvement and compliance with environmental legislation.

Information Security

Progressive technological advancement in the field of Information Technology has enabled organizations to have large amounts of information and the technology for data management. The increase of the information allows an improvement in the reliability of decision-making tools, however, consequently new problems arise, such as the protection of information, the management of sensitive data and data accuracy.

A contribution has been made toward dealing with these issues, both by the institutions, with the establishment of new laws and voluntary standardization through the publication of standards for information management models

Information Security Management Systems (ISMS’s) are implemented with the aim of managing the organization's information assets so as to ensure data safety, availability, integrity and confidentiality. In particular, the ISO / IEC 27001 certification provides a model of the ISMS shared at a worldwide level.

Information Technology

On the basis of experience gained in the field of business process management and the specific requirements of business sectors, we create using the most advanced software technology, IT models which simplify activities by increasing the efficiency of business processes.

Typical scenarios are:

  • Management systems (Quality, environment, safety and HACCP) records
  • Workflow and business process approval models
  • Contract management
  • Document management system
  • Dashboards and indicators
  • Advanced reports.
  • CRM - Customer relationship management

Our systems and software are developed with advanced and secure software technologies.

For the development of web based systems, the framework "Portofino" developed by our partner Manydesigns is used.