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QSA operates in the world of the Product and Personnel Certification with specific expertise for international markets such as the Ex – URSS and BRICS countries and in the Sports world.

For Quality is the QSA business area which supports companies and organizations in the field of compliance with standards and regulations, the business process re-engineering and management.

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Certification and licenses for foreign markets


Professional assessments of proficiency in the sports world


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Product Conformity

We provide certification activities for products and industrial plants which require conformity marks and licenses for international markets.

Through our network, expert certification bodies and test laboratories, located in diverse geographical areas, we can provide support in each phase of the process of exportation; from the definition of the product to the marketing in different commodity sectors.

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Personnel certification

As global leaders in this field, we have developed personnel certification schemes aimed at professionals in the sports world and in the anti-doping sector.

The schemes to obtain qualifying status have been developed together with collaboration from the major Sports International Federations and Anti-Doping organizations, thus ensuring official recognition.

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Technical Services

We support all our clients with expert technical services, in order to achieve their high standard objectives.

We have been operating for over twenty years in the field of compliance, in simplifying processes, operational flows, information and data security.

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Changes in the socio-economic values ​​of companies and the globalization of markets have introduced extensive modifications in Corporate Culture and in Organizations.
Nowadays, it is no longer possible for an organization to focus exclusively on producing goods or services with the aim of creating profit, without updating its own organizational methods in order to interact within the new market dynamics.

Today, QSA is virtually unique in providing programs designed “ad hoc” or standard training modules, which consider as a key factor in the training activity, human reaction towards new processes or market standards.


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